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Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote.png
Looney Tunius Wikipedius
Species Coyote
Gender Male
Member of Tune Squad
Affiliation Road Runner
Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Occupation Dean[Note 1]
Science professor[Note 2]
Works for Acme[Note 3]
Father Cage E. Coyote
Mother Not mentioned
Other relative(s) One descendant, Tech E. Coyote in Loonatics Unleashed
Marital status Single
First appearance LT: "Fast and Furry-ous" (1949)
Played by Mel Blanc (1952-1989)
Joe Alaskey (1991-2003)
Maurice LaMarche (2008)
James Arnold Taylor (2014)
J.P Karliak (2015-2020)
Eric Bauza (2018)
Keith Ferguson (2022)
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The Bugs Bunny Road-Runner Movie
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Space Jam
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Baby Looney Tunes
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Coyote Falls
File:TLTS Wile E. Coyote 3D.png
The Looney Tunes Show
File:TLTS Wile E. Coyote 2D.png
The Looney Tunes Show (2D)
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New Looney Tunes
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Space Jam: A New Legacy
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Looney Tunes Cartoons
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Bugs Bunny Builders
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Tiny Toons Looniversity

Wile E. Coyote is an anthropomorphic coyote and a character the Looney Tunes animated franchise. Created by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese, he is the frequent adversary of the Road Runner, who he endlessly tries to capture by either using his elaborate schemes or with mail-in products from the Acme Corporation, but failing in each attempt. Although he doesn't usually speak, Wile E. did have a speaking voice (namely in his appearances with Bugs Bunny), which was originated by Mel Blanc.

Wile's protégé in Tiny Toon Adventures is Calamity Coyote.

Character description

Wile E. is a brown coyote with a thin body frame and a fiendishly antagonistic personality. He is a creative predator who uses new methods to pursue his chase for the Road Runner, his primary target of prey. Despite this, he has never succeeded in his single mission, instead being thwarted by the Road Runner, who is usually unaware of Wile's plans. Wile E. has himself backfired in many of his schemes, primarly as a result of them not being made to avoid any sort of consequences. As such, he tends to get himself injured, such as getting crushed by boulders, falling off a cliff, or getting overun by vehicles. He is also shown to be rather impatient, such a point where he sometimes goes through desperate means to catch the bird, no matter what it may cost him. Furthermore, the coyote often obtains absurdly extravagant products from the Acme Corporation. However, the products he uses rarely work to begin with; and when they do, they do nothing but cause severe injury to him.

Wile E. is also proven to be very egotistical and arrogant, as seen further in his appearances with Bugs Bunny. He often looks down at others, views anyone as being inferior to him, and often goes so far as to bragging himself as a "genius" (or "super genius"). Like the Road Runner, Wile E. is never successful in trying to catch Bugs, who sees him as anything but a legit intellect. His overconfidence and excessive showboating are apparent weaknesses to the coyote, which make him an easy target for Bugs to foil him.

Wile E. does not usually talk; however, unlike the Road Runner (who cannot say anything but the words "Beep, beep!"), he communicates via signs to display his emotions, i.e. "ouch" or "uh-oh". When paired with Bugs Bunny or in other appearances where he is given speech (such as the Adventures of the Road-Runner featurette film), he talks eloquantly with a Mid-Atlantic accent.


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Foghorn is a guest at Warner Bros.' Burbank lot for its 100th anniversary. While on the set of Friends, Cyborg claims the part of Joey Tribianni, while Foghorn claims the part of Rachel Green, which starts a fight with Yosemite Sam, Taz, and Wile E. Coyote who also want the part.[1]


Jones based Wile E. Coyote on Mark Twain's book Roughing It,[2] in which Twain describes the coyote as a "long, slim, sick, sorry-looking skeleton" and a "living, breathing allegory of the desire to want. He's always hungry." Jones added that he created the Coyote/Road Runner series as a means of parodying traditional "cat-and-mouse" cartoons like Tom and Jerry.[3]


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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

WARNING: The following section contains content that may be seen as mature or offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
  • In Animal Man #5, a humanoid coyote wearing a scroll wanders through Death Valley where he ends up in an endless cycle of eternal death and resurrection, and is pursued by a truck driver who believes that he is the devil. When Animal Man takes notice of the coyote, it is later revealed through a gospel that the creature is a Wile E. Coyote-esque character named Crafty, who is exiled from his cartoon world by a cruel, god-like artist.
  • In the 1989 film UHF, a depressed George presents his audience of children with a Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner cartoon, which he describes as a "sad, depressing story about a pathetic coyote who spends every waking moment of his life in the futile pursuit of a sadistic roadrunner, who mocks him and laughs at him as he's repeatedly crushed and maimed!"
  • In the Saved by the Bell episode "The Mamas and the Papas," Jessie compares her and Slater's fake marriage to Road Runner being married to Wile E.
  • In the 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Much Ado About Dick," Harry refuses to take Tommy out for a drive, so Tommy wagers a bet with Harry that if the Roadrunner wins, Harry will drive him, but if he loses, Tommy will never ask Harry again. Harry takes the bet because he believes Wile E.'s next scheme is too good to fail him again.
  • In the Beast Wars: Transformers episode "Feral Scream (Part 1)," Megatron is hit by a feline creature (later revealed to be Cheetor) and he spins uncontrollably like the Tasmanian Devil, before falling down a cliff in similar fashion to Wile E. Coyote.
  • In the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode "Bada-Ping," Sabrina gets carried away with her fear of death attempts by a gangster, becoming concerned about getting a boulder dropped on, but then calms down and remembers that this is something from the Road Runner. Roxie then interjects that if Wile E. Coyote flattens her with an Acme anvil, don't come running to her.
  • In the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode "New Mexico, Old Monster," Wile E. and the Road Runner make a brief cameo doing their usual chase, outside of the Mystery Machine's window. After a failed attempt by Wile E., Scooby turns to the camera and says "Beep, beep?"
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification," Leonard makes a joke on Sheldon's whiteboard by saying that his plan is to capture the Road Runner, to which Sheldon likens himself to Wile E. Coyote.
  • In the second half of the Mad episode "Pooh Grit/Not a Fan a Montana," Miley Cyrus baits Justin Beiber in the middle of the desert road with "Beib Seed" so the distracted Beiber would get run over by a bus. When Beiber stops on the road to eat it, there isn't a bus in sit, forcing Cyrus to test it and be run over. Eventually, their feuding destroys the planet, but Beiber survives in a Jetsons-like space car, and ends the short by saying, "Beep, beep!"
  • In The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Safety," the kids watch a parody of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.
  • In the Sugar and Toys episode "The Every Damn Internet Challenge Challenge," there is a parody of the Laff-A-Lympics TV series, but it is called L-O-Lympics and is about Hollywood screw-ups competing, instead of Hanna-Barbera characters. Like in Laff-A-Lympics, Snagglepuss (called Strugglepuzz) hosts, but with Wile E. Coyote (now called Grimy Coyote) as his co-host, replacing Mildew Wolf.
  • In the 2019 film Doctor Sleep, Wile E. and Bugs Bunny's appearances in Rabbit's Feat are used when young Danny and his mother Wendy watch the short on the TV, before Danny tells her that he would leave to the bathroom.
  • In the Ted Lasso episode "Goodbye Earl," Dani accidentally kills Earl the dog after it runs in front of the goal post, leading to him having a nightmare of another penalty kick where he kicks the ball right into an anthropomorphic cartoon dog acting as a goalkeeper, who holds up a sign that reads "This is Gonna Hurt," right before the death blow.
  • In the 2023 film The Flash, the alternate 2013 version of Barry Allen has a Looney Tunes background screen on his computer, which includes Wile E., Tweety, Sylvester, Bugs, Daffy, and Road Runner.

Drawn Together

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  • "Gay Bash:" The love tester was produced by Acme, which is the company that supplies Wile E. Coyote with all his devices to capture Road Runner.
  • "Requiem For A Reality Show": At the beginning of the episode, Wooldor runs around like the Road Runner and interrupts Spanky who was in the middle of watching porn. Spanky is then given the Latin name "Pornus Interruptus."
  • "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist Part II:" Among the wreckage on the beach is a Wile E.-shaped crater.
  • The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie: The gang accidentally runs over and kills the Road Runner with their van while in the desert. Wile E., upon seeing his target dead, declares that his life has no meaning and shoots himself in the head with a Bang flag gun. Wile E. is voiced by Jess Harnell.

Family Guy

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  • "I Never Met The Dead Man:" When Peter wants to drive, Brain reminds him of his trip to the south west. The scene cuts to the Road Runner running to the screen before Peter runs him over. Peter asks his passenger, Wile E., if he hit "that ostrich", Wile E. tells him no and tells him to keep driving.
  • "PTV:" When Peter might get his own TV show, he recalls that he once owned a business before. The scene cuts to Peter working at Acme, where Wile E. tries to get a refund. Wile E.'s wife comes in to tell him to hurry up.
  • "Coma Guy:"
  • "Partial Terms of Endearment": Peter attempts to have Lois get an abortion by dropping an anvil on her Wile E Coyote style. In Wile E style, it fails.

Robot Chicken

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  • "Acme CEO Remembered:"
  • "Executed by the State:" In the skit "Wile E. Piphany", After the last attempt to kill Road Runner fails, Wile E. Coyote decides to end his own life.
  • "Unnamed Robot Chicken Episode:" In "How to Get Away with Murder," Wile E. attempts to teach a class how to solve crime. However, his students find out he was responsible for the crime and he is executed via electric chair.
  • "Toon Trauma:"
  • "Sweet J Presents:"



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