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This article is about the character. For the video game of the same name, see Road Runner.
Road Runner
Road Runner.png
Beep, beep!
Species Greater roadrunner
Gender Male
Member of Tune Squad
Affiliation Wile E. Coyote
Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Occupation None
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Other relative(s) One descendant, Rev Runner in Loonatics Unleashed
Marital status Married to Matilda in the Dell comics
Children 3 unnamed children in the Dell comics
First appearance LTS: "Fast and Furry-ous" (1949)
Played by Paul Julian (1949-1994,1996-present; archival sound)
Mel Blanc (1968-1978)
Eric Bauza (2018)
File:TBBRRM Road Runner.png
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
SJ Road Runner.png
Space Jam
File:Baby Road Runner.png
Baby Looney Tunes
File:CF Road Runner.png
Coyote Falls
File:TLTS RR 3D.png
The Looney Tunes Show
File:TLTS RR 2D.png
The Looney Tunes Show (2D)
File:NLTS Road Runner.png
New Looney Tunes
File:BBB Road Runner.png
Bugs Bunny Builders

The Road Runner is a character of the Looney Tunes animated franchise, and part of a duo alongside Wile E. Coyote. Created by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese, he is constantly targeted by Wile E. in their cartoons, who attempts to catch him by using his complex contraptions or with the help of mail-in products from the Acme Corporation. Although he doesn't speak, the Road Runner's signature "beep, beep" sound was originated by Paul Julian, along with the occasional "popping-cork" tongue noise he makes.

The Road Runner's protégé in Tiny Toon Adventures is Lil Beeper.

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The Road Runner Gets Modern (and 3D)

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Toys and merchandise

Behind the scenes

  • In some international dubs, such as the French dub of Looney Tunes, Road Runner is renamed to "Beep Beep". Beep Beep was also his name in the Dell comics, where he can speak full English.

In popular culture

  • In the All in the Family episode "Edith Breaks Out," Archie sarcastically mentions that a Road Runner cartoon had started when Edith questions him on arriving home early, after witnessing her rushing back to prepare dinner.
  • In the 1989 film UHF, a depressed George presents his audience of children with a Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner cartoon, which he describes as a "sad, depressing story about a pathetic coyote who spends every waking moment of his life in the futile pursuit of a sadistic roadrunner, who mocks him and laughs at him as he's repeatedly crushed and maimed!"
  • In the Saved by the Bell episode "The Mamas and the Papas," Jessie compares her and Slater's fake marriage to Road Runner being married to Wile E.
  • In the 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Much Ado About Dick," Harry refuses to take Tommy out for a drive, so Tommy wagers a bet with Harry that if the Road Runner wins, Harry will drive him, but if he loses, Tommy will never ask Harry again. Harry takes the bet because he believes Wile's next scheme is too good to fail him again.
  • In the Moesha episode "The Crush," Dee affectionately called Frank her "little Road Runner."
  • In the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode "Bada-Ping," Sabrina gets carried away with her fear of death attempts by a gangster, becoming concerned about getting a boulder dropped on, but then calms down and remembers that this is something from the Road Runner. Roxie then interjects that if Wile E. Coyote flattens her with an Acme anvil, don't come running to her.
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification," Leonard pokes fun at Sheldon's whiteboard by saying that his plan is to capture the Road Runner, to which Sheldon likens himself to Wile E. Coyote.
  • In the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode "New Mexico, Old Monster," Wile E. and the Road Runner make a brief cameo doing their usual chase, outside of the Mystery Machine's window. After a failed attempt by Wile E., Scooby turns to the camera and says "Beep, beep?"
  • In the Veronica Mars episode "Never Mind the Buttocks," Harry shows Veronica a magazine about Hermi Road Runners with one photo containing a Hermi next with the Road Runner bird.
  • In the second half of the Mad episode "Pooh Grit/Not a Fan a Montana," Miley Cyrus baits Justin Bieber in the middle of the desert road with "Bieb Seed," so the distracted Bieber gets run over by a bus. When Bieber stops at the road to eat the seeds, there isn't a bus in sit, forcing Cyrus to test it and get run over. Eventually, their feuding destroys the planet, but Bieber survives in a Jetsons-like space car, ending the short by saying, "Beep, beep."
  • In the Young Sheldon episode "A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek," Meemaw called Sheldon the Road Runner for outrunning his mother.
  • A handler-dog team called Road Runners Beep Beep were competitors in the 2023 annual televised UK dog show Crufts.
  • In the 2023 film The Flash, the alternate 2013 version of Barry Allen has a Looney Tunes background screen on his computer, which includes the Road Runner, Tweety, Sylvester, Bugs, Daffy, and Wile E.

Drawn Together

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  • "Gay Bash:" The Love Tester was produced by ACME, which is the company that supplies Wile E. Coyote with all his devices to capture the Road Runner.
  • "Requiem for a Reality Show:" At the beginning of the episode, Wooldor runs around like the Road Runner and interrupts Spanky who was in the middle of watching porn. Wooldor is given the Latin name "Ritalinus Shouldatakus."
  • "Mexican't Buy Me Love:" When Ling-Ling tells Toot to leave, Toot says "Later asshole" then goes "Meep Meep" before running away Road Runner style. She only runs a few miles before falling to the floor exhausted.
  • The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie: the gang accidentally runs over and kills the Road Runner with their van while in the desert. Wile E., upon seeing his target dead, declares that his life has no meaning from knowing that the Road Runner is dead and shoots himself in the head with a Bang flag gun.

Family Guy

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  • "I Never Met The Dead Man:" When Peter wants to drive, Brain reminds him of his trip to the southwest. The scene cuts to the Road Runner running to the screen before Peter runs him over. Peter asks his passenger, Wile E., if he hit "that ostrich", Wile E. tells him no and tells him to keep driving.
  • "PTV:" When Peter might get his own TV show, he recalls that he once owned a business before. The scene cuts to Peter working at ACME, where Wile E. tries to get a refund. Wile's wife comes in to tell him to hurry up.
  • "Peter Problems:" When Peter's erectile disfunction prevents him from having sex with Lois. Lois wonders who will have sex with her now. Peter tells Lois not to say that out loud or Quagmire will show up like the Road Runner. True to his word, Quagmire runs into the room like the Road Runner and holds up a sign that says "Giggity Giggity". Peter tell Loise not to worry as her vagina is just a painted on hole.
  • "Coma Guy:"
  • "The First No L:" Quagmire, Mort, Stella and the Greased-up Deaf Guy arrive at the Griffin home with the sound that usually accompanies the arrival of the Road Runner.

Robot Chicken

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  • "Pooh Grit/Not a Fan a Montana": in the segment "Not a Fan a Montana," Miley Cyrus baits Justin Beiber in the middle of the desert road with "Beib Seed," so the distracted Beiber gets run over by a bus. When Beiber stops at the road to eat the seeds, there isn't a bus in sit, forcing Cyrus to test it and get run over. Eventually, their feuding destroys the planet, but Beiber survives in a Jetsons-like space car, ending the short by saying, "Beep, beep!"
  • "TwiGH School Musical/Avenger Time": In "Meep! My Dad Says", Road Runner is the father of a kid who only says "Meep Meep".
  • "Rioa/Thomas the Ustoppable Tank Engine": In "Rioa", Road Runner is chosen as one of the Green Laterns and uses his power to smash Wile E with an Anvil.
  • "Lukewarm Bodies/Does Someone Have to GOa?": Road Runner made a small cameo in "Does Someone Have to Goa?"
  • "Outtagascar/F.I.E.N.D.S": In "Body of Pwoof", Road Runner's body is being inspected by Elmer Fudd, who discovers the Wile E was the one who killed him.
  • "Alfred's Game/We Are X-Men": In a segment called "Wile E Coyote and Road Runner Both Get Arrested", Wile E Coyote and Road Runner....both get arrested.