Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem

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Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem
LTWoM Loading Screen.png
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Publisher Scopely
Developer Scopely
Aquiris Game Studio
Console iOS
Genre Role-playing
Release date December 2018[1]

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem is a role-playing mobile game based on the Looney Tunes franchise. It is developed by Scopely, in partnership with Aquiris Game Studio,[1] and was launched for iOS and Android devices on December 2018.[1]


While Daffy Duck was setting up his "rabbit season" routine, he is zapped by Marvin the Martian and turned into "Toon Coin Pieces." Marvin zapping various Looney Tunes characters, whom he dubs as "Earthlings," into toon coin pieces as an attempt to conquer the world.

When Bugs Bunny shows up to ask the Martian on how to get to Pismo Beach, Marvin attempts to zap him, but he only zaps his map. Bugs Bunny decides that "this means war" and fights Marvin head on. After a small tutorial on the game mechanics, Bugs blasts him and the toon clones away with his special attack, which also causes damage to Marvin's Reatomizer Machine. Bugs and Marvin could do nothing but watch as the Reatomizer Machine explodes and scatter all of the Toon Piece Coins all over Looney Tune Land.

With Bugs being the only one left unaffected by the explosion, he must rely on the player's help to collect all of the Toon Coin Pieces, if he is ever to restore his friends and fix his world.


It is a turn-based role-playing game where the player can pick up to four toons of their own choice, and use assorted teams to defeat the opposing ones. The player also requires to gather resources to help level up, rank up and even "tune-up" (obtaining new skills) their toons. The resources – which largely consist of basic materials and others like Illudium, boosters and Acme materials – can be obtained through various means, such as when the player makes significant progress (i.e. completing a successful campaign and leveling up), or through in-game purchases via microtransactions.


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Due to Marvin's Reatomizer Machine blowing up and scattering tons of Toon Pieces across Looney Tune Land, each character has a different persona. Such as Bugs Bunny having different disguises and personas from various classic Looney Tunes shorts. There are even new variations of toons not used in shorts, comics or movies. The only way to find out what toons are originals and which ones have different personas is to explore the many regions of the World of Mayhem and find out what toons there are to find.

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