Tiny Toon Adventures

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Tiny Toon Adventures
TTA Logo.png
On screen title card.
Created by Tom Ruegger
Network CBS (pilot)
First-run syndication (season 1-2)
Fox (season 3)
Production company Amblin Televison
Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original release September 14, 1990December 6, 1992
Starring Charlie Adler
Tress MacNeille
Joe Alaskey
Don Messick
Kath Soucie
Gail Matthius
Candi Milo
Cree Summer
Danny Cooksey
Maurice LaMarche
Frank Welker
Executive producer(s) Steven Spielberg
Producer(s) Sherri Stone
Music composed by Bruce Broughton
Writer(s) Tom Ruegger
Sherri Stoner
Paul Dini
Bruce Timm
Tom Minton
Jim Reardon
Nicholas Hollander
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Tiny Toon Adventures, also called Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures, is an American animated television series created by Tom Reugger. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation for first-run syndication, and later, the Fox Kids block at Fox network. It is inspired by the Looney Tunes theatrical shorts that ran from 1930 to 1969, acting as a spin-off of sorts. It is also the first Looney Tunes-inspired series not to be a compilation of the shorts. It ran from 1990 to 1992, spanning 100 episodes across three seasons. The first episode, "The Looney Beginning," aired in prime-time on CBS on September 14, 1990.

Set in a town known as Acme Acres, it centers on a young generation of characters who attend Acme Looniversity, where they are educated by mentors comprised of the traditional Looney Tunes cast. The majority of this new cast are essentially younger, spiritual successors of their forerunners, which included the likes of Buster and Babs Bunny ("no relation"), Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, and antagonists Elmyra Duff and Montana Max.

The series would also receive two specials, along with a feature-length direct-to-video film titled Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.





The theme song was composed by Bruce Broughton.

Opening Theme Lyrics

Buster: We're Tiny!
Babs: We're Toony!
We're all a little Loony!
And in this cartoony, we're invading your TV!

We're comic dispensers
Buster: We crack up all the censors.
On Tiny Toon Adventures, get a dose of comedy

So here's Acme Acres, It's a whole world of apart.
Our home sweet home, it stands alone, a cartoon work of art.

Plucky: The scripts were rejected, expect the unexpected.
On Tiny Toon Adventures, it's about to start!

They're furry, they're funny,
They're Babs and Buster Bunny.
Montana Max has money.
Elmyra is a pain!

Buster: Here's Hampton,
Plucky: I'm Plucky!
Babs: Dizzy Devil ducky.
Furrball's unlucky,
and Gogo is insane!

At Acme Looniversity, we earn our toon degree
The teaching staff's been getting laughs since 1933.

We're tiny,
We're toony,
We're all a little looney.
It's Tiny Toon Adventures, come and join the fun!
Babs and Buster: And now our song is done!


Title Number Original air date
"The Looney Beginning" 1x01 September 14, 1990
"A Quack in the Quarks" 1x02 September 17, 1990
"The Wheel O'Comedy" 1x03 September 18, 1990
"Test Stressed" 1x04 September 19, 1990
"The Buster Bunny Bunch" 1x05 September 20, 1990
"Her Wacky Highness" 1x06 September 21, 1990
"Journey to the Center of Acme Acres" 1x07 September 24, 1990
"Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night" 1x08 September 25, 1990


Title Number Original air date
Tiny Toons Spring Break 1 March 24, 1994
Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery 2 March 28, 1995

Although It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special is considered a Christmas-themed special, it is only called this as it is Christmas-themed and is treated like a regular episode. However, it did air in prime time on December 6, 1992.



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The series was cancelled as it wasn't performing as well as its sister series Animaniacs, although, that didn't stop the series from getting two specials: Tiny Toons Spring Break and Tiny Toon Night Ghoulery with the latter serving as the finale for the series. A feature-length direct-to-video film, entitledTiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, was released on March 11, 1992.

After the show ended, the series would get 4 spin-off series: The Plucky Duck Show, the aforementioned Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain; the latter of which was followed by its own spin-off Pinky, Elmrya, and the Brain.

After the success of the 2020 Animaniacs reboot, a Tiny Toons reboot in the same vein, called Tiny Toons Looniversity, was released in 2023. Unlike the original show, this series is set in its own continuity and takes several liberties from it predecessor.