Tiny Toons Looniversity

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Tiny Toons Looniversity
TTL title card.png
On screen title card.
Created by Erin Gibson
Network Max
Cartoon Network
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor Cartoon Network
Original release September 8, 2023 (Max)
September 9, 2023 (Cartoon Network)
Run time 22 minutes
Starring Eric Bauza
Ashleigh Crystal Hairston
David Errigo Jr.
Tessa Netting
Executive producer(s) Sam Register
Justin Falvey
Darryl Frank
Producer(s) Adam Middleton
Music composed by Matthew Janszen
Writer(s) Erin Gibson
Director(s) Andrew Dickman
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Tiny Toons Looniversity is an American animated television series created by Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation for Max and Cartoon Network. It is a reboot of Tiny Toon Adventures, which ran from 1990 to 1992.

The Tiny Toons are now in their college years attending a performance arts class, where they will learn to discover themselves in college.



The series was announced to be in development on October 28, 2020, from Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation, after a two-season greenlight order from Max (then known as HBO Max) and Cartoon Network.[1]

During an interview with Gizmodo, showrunner Erin Gibson confirmed that every character will return for the series.

She also confirmed that at one point in the series, the gang would go to space, possibly teasing the return of Marvin the Martian and his daughter Marcia the Martian. A leaked photo of the intro confirms Marcia as well as a new Tiny Toons character inspired by Sam Sheepdog.

A TV listing leaked the description of the first four episodes of the series, and also revealed that the series would premiere on September 9.


Cree Summer, Elmyra Duff's original voice actor, confirmed in a tweet that her character would not return for the reboot. However, it was later confirmed that Elmyra would return and voiced by Summer.[2] this poster given out during San Diego Comic Con has Elmyra in it.

Charlie Adler confirmed that he hadn't been asked to return to voice Buster Bunny and most likely won't return.

On June 22, 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that the series would be featured in their Looney Tunes panel at San Diego Comic Con.


The theme song was carried over from the original series which was composed by Bruce Broughton and added updated lyrics. The new theme was rearranged by Matthew Janszen, who also composed the rest of the music.

Opening Theme Lyrics

Buster: We're tiny!
Babs: We're toony!
We're learning to be Looney!
And we'll be famous soon-y at the college of our dreams!

Buster: We got our admissions
Babs: And forked over tuitions.
Plucky: Fulfilling our ambitions with a faculty esteemed.

At ACME Looniverstity, we'll earn our toon degree
The teaching staff's been getting laughs since 1933

Babs: We're classmates
Sweetie: And roommates!
Plucky: We paid the OUT-OF-STATE RATES?!
Let's grab our books and go
Class is about to start

They're furry, they're funny,
We're Babs and Buster Bunny.
Their comedy is punny
and a friendship's guaranteed

Hampton is worried
and Sweetie's a tough birdie
And if you're lucky, Plucky is the perfect-

So, here's where the greatest toons all got their humble start
There's quite a lot of history from teaching Looney art

We're tiny,
We're toony,
We can't wait to be Looney.
When the bell has rung, come in and join the fun
Babs and Buster: And now class has begun!


Title Number Original air date
"Freshman Orientoontion" 1x01 September 8, 2023
"Give Pizza a Chance" 1x02 September 8, 2023
"Extra, So Extra" 1x03 September 8, 2023
"Tooney Ball Lights" 1x04 September 8, 2023
"Save the Loo Bru" 1x05 September 8, 2023
"Prank You Very Much" 1x06 September 8, 2023
"General Hogspital" 1x07 September 8, 2023
"Souffle Girl, Hey" 1x08 September 8, 2023
"Tears of a Clone" 1x09 September 8, 2023
"The Show Must Hop On" 1x10 September 8, 2023
"Whatever Happened to Babsy Bunny?" 2x01 March 8, 2024
"Slay Cheese" 2x02 March 8 2024
"Tooned in Space" 2x03 March 8 2024
"Twin-Con" 2x04 March 8 2024
"Skulls and Sillybones" 2x05 March 8 2024


Title Number Air date
"Spring Beak" 1 March 8, 2024