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Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam.png
Say yer prayers, rabbit!
Species Human
Gender Male
Member of Tune Squad
Occupation Outlaw, cowboy, and many others
Sibling(s) One brother, Yosemite Jack in New Looney Tunes
First appearance MM: Hare Trigger (1945)
Played by Mel Blanc (1945-1983; 1989)
Joe Alaskey (1988-1992; 1995-1997; 2010-2011)
Jeff Bergman (1990-1992, 2014, 2021)
Charlie Adler (1990)
Greg Burson (1991-1997)
Maurice LaMarche (1992-2016)
Jim Cummings (1996-2000, 2014)
Bill Farmer (1996)
Frank Gorshin (1997)
Jeff Bennett (2003-2004)
Fred Tatasciore (since 2017)
Eric Bauza (2018)
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Tiny Toon Adventures
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Space Jam
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Looney Tunes: Back in Action
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The Looney Tunes Show
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New Looney Tunes
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Looney Tunes Cartoons
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Tiny Toons Looniversity

Yosemite Sam is western-type character and recurring antagonist in the Looney Tunes animated franchise. He is usually potrayed as one of Bugs Bunny's most agressive antagonists, and his archenemy in similar vein to Elmer Fudd. His voice was orignated by Mel Blanc using a Southern accent.

Sam first appeared as Bugs' antagonist in the 1945 Looney Tunes short, Hare Trigger, and has been subsequently shown many times in both the theatrical cartoons and the Looney Tunes franchise, sometimes in different roles and other aliases. He appeared in a total of thirty-three shorts made between 1945 and 1964, during the original run of the Warner Bros. cartoons.

His protégé in Tiny Toon Adventures is Montana Max.

Character Description

Why, everybody knows me. I'm Yosemite Sam! The meanest, toughest, rip-roaring-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre what ever packed a six-shooter! That's who I am!
― Yosemite Sam, Hare Trigger

Yosemite Sam is often depicted as a cowboy or an outlaw with a short, firery temper. In comparison to Elmer Fudd—who is often potrayed as a passive, yet bumbling antagonist—Sam is a much tougher foe to Bugs, and is potrayed as being mean-spirited, reckless, egotistical, and extremely violent. As such, he also has a tougher accent, and a higher, fiercer voice. Sam is a highly assertive person, proudly calling himself as "the roughest, toughest he-man stuffest hombre that's ever crossed the Rio Grande", among many other boastful titles. He is also quicker to learn from his mistakes and never falls for the same ploy twice.

In spite of his tough, formidable personality, Sam doesn't prove himself to be any brighter than Fudd when encountering Bugs. His cantankerous noise contrasts the rabbit's calm demeanor. Sam's cockiness tends to get the best of him, portraying him as a bumbling idiot, with Bugs seeing that he is incapable of turning down a challenge. Sam is incredibly short-tempered and hates it when he is wrong; so much that he would either use his revolvers at random targets (which seem to comically not hit at anyone), or get himself into trouble through his stubbornness.

In some cartoons, (such as in From Hare to Heir, Honey's Money, and Dumb Patrol), he also has a foul mouth; cursing unintelligibly when angry and saying phrases like "rackin' frackin' varmint," either loudly or when mumbling to himself.

Sam is very much a short-sized fellow; His height was first lampooned in the debut short Hare Trigger, where a train he tries to hold up passes right over him without harm. While Sam's basic character is that of a cowboy, he wears a black Domino mask to show that he is an outlaw. This is so associated with his persona that he even wears the mask in other roles such as a pirate, a riff, or a Viking. As a cowboy or in any other Western-type role, he wears a large cowboy hat, bandana and cowboy boots.


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Toys and merchandise

Behind the scenes

  • His name is taken from Yosemite National Park in California.
  • Without his cowboy hat (or any kind of headwear), Yosemite's head varies from being a full set of hair or completely bald.

In popular culture

WARNING: The following section contains content that may be seen as mature or offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Tale of a Third Grade Nothing," Sam is trying on pants when he suddenly shouts about how it's the most "tightest, penis-compressingest, sperm-killingest, testicle-grippingest" jeans he's ever tried on.
  • In the Drawn Together episode "Charlotte's Web of Lies," Sam can be seen in Ling Ling's support group next to Marvin the Martian.
  • In "Wooper," the Robot Chicken skit of the episode "Snarfer Image", Sam makes an short appearance after Elmer kills his future self, pleading him to "have what he's having" before being shot.

Full House

  • "The Return of Grandma:" It is a Saturday morning and Stephanie wants to watch Bugs Bunny, but Joey who would prefer to watch Yogi Bear, says Bugs Bunny is kid's stuff and that every episode is the same. He then does impressions of the usual routines of Elmer and Yosemite shooting at him. Joey thinks Bugs has a death wish and wonders why he even pokes his head out of his rabbit hole. Despite this, Stephanie thinks it's less boring than watching Yogi always steal picnic baskets.
  • "Jingle Hell:" To help Jesse with his cat food jingle commercial, Joey warmed up by doing cartoon impressions such as Elmer, followed by Yosemite by saying, "Ooh. I hate that rabbit!"