Bugs Bunny Builders

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Bugs Bunny Builders
BBB title card.png
On screen title card.
Network Cartoon Network
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original release July 25, 2022
Run time 11 minutes
Starring Eric Bauza
Bob Bergen
Chandni Parekh
Executive producer(s) Sam Register
Producer(s) Nicole Belisle
Music composed by Matthew Janszen
Writer(s) Laura Bowes
Nicole Belisle
Sam Bissonnette
Kevin Fleming
Rob Janas
Director(s) Joey Adams
Lindsey Pollard
Andy Thom
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (voices)
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Bugs Bunny Builders is an American animated educational television series created by Warner Bros. Animation for Cartoon Network's preschool block Cartoonito. It is the fifteenth Looney Tunes series based off the theatrical shorts that ran from 1930 to 1969 in the golden age of animation. It's the second Looney Tunes preschool show after Baby Looney Tunes in 2002.

At Acme Construction Company, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all their friends use their tools and wacky vehicles to do some of the most looniest construction jobs ever.




The theme song, "Merrily We Roll Along" was carried over from the theatrical shorts and was rearranged by Matthew Janszen
Opening Theme Song Lyrics

We're the Looney Builders, we're coming your way
We got the tools and all the plans (Let's go!)
We're gonna start right now, there's no time to delay
We wanna help, we know we can (Daffy: Woo Hoo!)

Bugs Bunny Builders! (Hey!)
We can makes something new for you! (Hey!)
Bugs Bunny Builders! (Hey!)
The Looney construction crew! (Hey!)


Title Number Original air date
"Splash Zone" 1x01 July 25, 2022
"Ice Creamed" 1x02 July 25, 2022
"Race Track Race" 1x03 July 25, 2022
"Dino Fright" 1x04 July 25, 2022
"Snow Cap" 1x05 July 25, 2022
"Tweety-Go-Round" 1x06 July 25, 2022
"Smash House" 1x07 July 25, 2022
"Play Day" 1x08 July 25, 2022
"Rock On" 1x09 September 26, 2022
"Buzz In" 1x10 September 27, 2022
"Stories" 1x11 September 28, 2022
"Cheesy Peasy" 1x12 September 29, 2022
"Looney Science" 1x13 September 30, 2022
"Big Feet" 1x14 October 31, 2022
"Squirreled Away" 1x15 November 1, 2022
"Beach Battle" 1x16 November 2, 2022
"Game Time" 1x17 November 3, 2022
"Soup Up" 1x18 November 4, 2022
"Looneyburg Lights" 1x19 December 5, 2022
"Blast Off" 1x20 April 17, 2023
"K-9: Space Puppy" 1x21 April 17, 2023
"Cousin Billy" 1x22 April 17, 2023
"Cheddar Days" 1x23 April 17, 2023
"Taz Recycle" 1x24 April 17, 2023
"Sea School" 1x25 June 5, 2023
"Underwater Star" 1x26 June 5, 2023
"Party Boat" 1x27 June 12, 2023
"Mail Whale" 1x28 June 19, 2023
"Bright Light" 1x29 June 26, 2023
"Mini Golf" 1x30 August 7, 2023
"Goofballs" 1x31 August 14, 2023
"Skate Park" 1x32 August 21, 2023
"Batty Kathy" 1x33 August 28, 2023
"Honey Bunny" 1x34 September 4, 2023
"Castle Hassle" 1x35 November 27, 2023
"Catwalk" 1x36 November 28, 2023
"Dim Sum" 1x37 November 29, 2023
"Crane Game" 1x38 November 30, 2023
"Speedy" 1x39 December 1, 2023
"The Easter Bunnies" 2x01 March 26, 2024
"Junior" 2x02 March 27, 2024
"Looney Moon" 2x03 March 28, 2024
"Glamp Out" 2x04 March 29, 2024
"Outer Space" 2x05 March 30, 2024


Title Number Original air date
"Haunted Garage" 1x01 October 27, 2022
"Bugs Bunny Boogie" 1x02 January 2, 2023
"Buckle Up" 1x03 January 9, 2023
"Lunar New Year" 1x04 January 17, 2023
"Porky Perfect" 1x05 January 23, 2023
"Awesome Duck" 1x06 January 30, 2023
"Don't Be Fooled By His Size" 1x07 February 6, 2023
"Hard Hat Time" 1x08 February 13, 2023
"Boogie Button" 1x09 March 20, 2023
"Lunch Break" 1x10 April 24, 2023
"Daffy's Spa" 1x11 May 22, 2023
"Hide N' Seek" 1x12 June 25, 2023
"Lemonade" 1x13 July 3, 2023
"Car Wash" 1x14 August 7, 2023