Beep, Beep

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Beep, Beep
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Production company Warner Bros. Cartoons
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date May 24, 1952
Run time 7 minutes
Starring Paul Julian
Producer(s) Edward Selzer
Music composed by Carl Stalling
Story by Michael Maltese
Director(s) Charles M. Jones
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Beep, Beep is the three hundred and fiftieth Merrie Melodies theatrical short. It was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and The Vitaphone Corporation on May 24, 1952. It was written by Michael Maltese, produced by Edward Selzer and directed by Chuck Jones.

After failing to stick it to the Road Runner with his eating utensils, Wile E. Coyote tries various attempts to catch the bird.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes

Road Runner: (holding sign) Road-Runners can't read and don't drink.


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Road Runner Paul Julian
Wile E. Coyote N/A




  • Springloaded boxing glove trap strapped to a boulder
  • Anvil
  • Tightwire
  • Wile's backpack
  • Acme Aspirin
  • TNT-canister booby-trap rigged to a glass of water
  • Mining caps
  • Explosives (TNT, dynamite and nitroglycerine)
  • Springboard catapult
  • Rocket-bike
  • Acme Rocket-Powered Roller Skates
  • Railroad track piece
  • Fake bushes


  • Train





The music was composed by Carl W. Stalling.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: May 25, 1952 in theatres

Behind the scenes

Beep, Beep Lobby Card V2.png
  • The title alludes to the unique sound that the Road Runner makes.
  • Originally, this cartoon was going to be called, "The Pursuit of Slap Happiness", according to Michael Barrier on an audio commentary for Fast and Furry-ous.
  • This cartoon once again uses the Latin names (Carnivorous Vulgaris and Accelleratii Incredibus) from Fast and Furry-ous. It would be used once more in Going! Going! Gosh!
  • Wile E. used seven attempts to catch the Road Runner in this short.


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