Marvin the Martian

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Marvin the Martian
Marvin the Martian.jpg
I claim this article of myself in the name of Mars!
Species Martian
Gender Male
Member of Tune Squad
Affiliation Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Queen Tyr'ahnee
Maarla the Martian
Occupation Referee in Space Jam
Martian Commander in Duck Dodgers
Pizza deliverer in The Looney Tunes Show
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Other relative(s) One descendant, Melvin the Martian, in Loonatics Unleashed
One great uncle, Mervin the Martian in Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal
Children One daughter, Marcia the Martian, in Tiny Toon Adventures
Two unnamed children in DC Comics' Looney Tunes
First appearance LT: Haredevil Hare (1948)
Played by Mel Blanc (1948-1986)
Joe Alaskey (1991-2008)
Rob Paulsen (1991)
Maurice LaMarche (1993)
Bob Bergen (1996)
Eric Goldberg (1996, 2003)
Niel Ross (1998)
Eric Bauza (Since 2011)
Hare-Way Marvin.png
Hare-Way to the Stars
Space Jam Marvin 1996.png
Space Jam
Commander X-2.jpg
Duck Dodgers
File:BLT Marvin.png
Baby Looney Tunes
LTS Marvin2.png
The Looney Tunes Show
NLTS Marvin.png
New Looney Tunes
Space Jam 2 Marvin.jpg
Space Jam: A New Legacy
File:ANL CGI Marvin.png
CGI Marvin in Space Jam: A New Legacy
LTC Marvin.jpg
Looney Tunes Cartoons
BBB Marvin.png
Bugs Bunny Builders
TTL Marvin.png
Tiny Toons Looniversity

Marvin the Martian is a Martian and a recurring antagonist in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies theatrical shorts. His voice was originated by Mel Blanc.

Marvin's Duck Dodgers counterpart is Commander X-2: leader of the Martian army who is deeply in love with Queen Tyr'ahnee.

Marvin's protégé in Tiny Toon Adventures is his daughter, Marcia the Martian.

Character description

At last! After two thousand years of research, the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. At last!
― Marvin, Hare-Way to the Stars

Marvin is a humanoid alien with no distinct facial features, except for his huge eyes. He is usually dressed in a red unitard, a green Roman-like armor–consisting of his helmet and skirt–and large white sneakers.


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Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth Shattering Kaboom!

We're All a Little Looney

Come On and Slam! And Welcome to the Jam!

The Baby Looney Tunes Way

Duck Dodgers in the 24th and One Half Century

Back in Action

Marvin's Cancelled Movie

In a leaked test footage, represented as a short called Yule Be Sorry, Marvin could be seen getting unwrapped by a kid on Christmas Day before escaping and attempting to vaporize the kid.

Marvin Gets Modern

In The Looney Tunes Show, Marvin is a foreign exchange student from Mars and is friends with Daffy Duck, whom he went to school with. However, he's still bent on taking over the Earth.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Back to Basics

Educating at Looniversity

In the episode "Tooned in Space", Marvin is the former space exploration teacher who quit after being defeated by a swarm of aliens. With the help of Buster Bunny, he defeats the aliens and returns to space exploration.

Marvin in the Funny Pages

Marvin Sells Out

In the MAD episode "Super 80's/Captain America's Got Talent", the anchorman on MAD News reports that NASA has discovered that there is water on Mars because Marvin left his sink running. Marvin is voiced by Kevin Schinick.

Marvin appears in the Animaniacs segment "Suffragette City" in the march to Washington. He can also be seen on a poster at the end of the season 2 episode "Yakko Amakko."



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Toys and merchandise

Behind the scenes

  • Marvin was originally unnamed within the classic shorts, but was labelled as the Commander of Flying Saucer X-2 in the 1952 short The Hasty Hare. In the late 1970s, following the popularity of Star Wars in the decade, the character was briefly given the name "Antwerp" in promotional material. The name "Marvin" was first assigned to him in The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie in 1979, as "Marvin Martian."
    • The name "X-2" would later be used for Marvin's Duck Dodgers counterpart.
  • Despite being one of the most popular Looney Tunes characters, Marvin only appeared in five shorts in the Golden Age of animation.

In popular culture

  • In the 1984 film Gremlins, a Bugs Bunny doll has a tag with Marvin's face.
  • In The Simpsons episode "The Springfield Files," Marvin is one of the aliens being interrogated. He states that he's "very angry" to be here.
  • Marvin makes a cameo in the 1989 Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  • In the 1995 film Clueless, Travis tells Tai that he wants Marvin on his skateboard before Tai reveals her notebook full of Marvin drawings.
  • In the Pet Alien episode "Scare Affair," Dinko tells Swanko that they have to care about Tommy because he is their human and they don't want to repeat what happened to their Martian. The scene cuts to Marvin's skeleton rotting on Mars.
  • In the 2013 film Gravity, a Marvin figurine is floating around the spaceship.
  • Marvin appears on the NASA Mars Exploration Rover patch.
  • In a deleted scene of the Futurama episode "That Darn Katz!," Marvin is seen as a student at Mars University.
  • In the Fresh off the Boat episode "Louisween," Brian is dressed up as Marvin for Halloween. This is later referenced in a photo of the group in "Hal-Lou-Ween."
  • He has cameo as someone's avatar in the 2017 film Ready Player One.
  • In the American Dad! episode "(You Gotta) Strike for Your Right," Roger says that sleeping with an alien is fine because people do it all the time. One person he mentions sleeping with an alien is "Marvin the Martian's wife."
  • In The Flash episode "Armaggedon, Part 2," Chester says that he became a pacificist at ten years old after being inspired to create his own ray gun from watching Marvin the Martian use his in Saturday morning cartoons. A malfunction in Chester's ray gun destroyed his friend's house and almost killed his friend and his family.
  • In the Young Sheldon episode "A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance," Marvin appears on a poster advertising Texarkana-Con.

Drawn Together

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  • "Charlotte's Web of Lies:" Marvin can be seen in Ling Ling's support group next to Yosemite Sam.
  • "Toot Goes Bollywood:" While Foxxy makes love to Scooby-Doo, Marvin can be seen waiting in line to have a stiletto placed in his butt.